Academie Hoboken

muziek - woord - dans - beeld

Expo 3°ed aip 1

Annea Lyvv Dreisz  & MOUSY TUBORG

Sylvia Van Deurzen & Guy Rombouts
opening 04.10.18  - 18.30 pm
Oudestraat 41 - 2660 Hoboken - aip 
exhibition continues until  25.10.18

“for this exhibition we are largely inspired by ‘het Cruijffiaans’.
Cruijff, being one of our heros when we were young. 
Not that we were interested in football at all, but his use of language fascinated us.”
Cruijffiaans is the name given to the way of speaking, or a collection of sayings, 
made famous by a Dutch association football player and coach Johan Cruijff (1947–2016), 
particularly “one-liners that hover somewhere between the brilliant and the banal”.
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