Full (academic) program

Full time Professional Dance & Academic Program - Secondary education with ballet training

Our secondary school offers a program from September till June for students (12 - 18 year) wanting to graduate with a secondary art education degree in ballet.

To enter the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp you must pass an audition.  

International students applying for the school have to prove that they have a good understanding and knowledge of French or English (level B1). However all academic classes are in Dutch. 

  1. If Applicant meets audition and admission requirements, and the student and parent(s) agree with school regulations, artistic and academic requirements, goals, and standards, and agree with their signature to comply with the school’s mandates, student may enroll with the understanding that they will be assessed annually for continued enrollment.
  2. All academic subjects are taught in Dutch, with additional language classes in Dutch, French and English as appropriate.  There are also extra-curricular classes in Dutch to facilitate proficiency and full integration into the secondary education program. Classes taught are History, Biology, Art History, Music, Mathematics, Computer Science, Geography, Technology, Arts and Crafts, and Religion, which includes Non-denominational, Catholic, and Protestant, and with language classes in Dutch, French and English. 
  3. The Royal Ballet School Antwerp artistic curriculum is a six-year Program founded on a Vaganova-based syllabus, and includes, but is not limited to, classical ballet technique, pointe, pas de deux, character, Spanish dance, contemporary dance, body conditioning, choreographic workshops, exposure to diverse repertoire, rehearsal and production operations with highly individualized coaching for performances, national and international competitions.  Additionally, master classes with visiting professional artists and other special programs, are featured throughout the school year.