Dance in Belgium. 

Dance in Belgium dates of more than 500 years ago. The paintings of the Flemish masters, 'The wedding dance of Pieter Brueghel the young (1564-1638), and 'a farmer dance' from Peter Paul Rubens (1577 - 1640) are official reports from eyewitnesses which are documented are preserved on a painting. These paintings support the rich history and important legacy of dance in Belgium. 
Dance is and will always be a part of the human being. Like us, dance evolves. Dance survives wars, hungers, disaeases, cultural downfall and the destruction of world empires. The oldest reports of dance in Belgium dates from 1682.

On request of Jeanne Brabants the Royal Ballet school of Antwerp was founded in 1951. It made a very modest start as the Ballet School of the Royal Flemish Opera, but it could unfold itself after a couple of years within the city education of Antwerp.

Now the school is a prestigieus institute with national and international recognition, where classical dance education and academic dance education is reinforced. 

With this the Royal Ballet school of Antwerp is unique in our country.

KBA Oude danszaal

KBA Oude danszaal_2

KBA Ballet zw-w

KBA groepsfoto met Koningin Mathilde

KBA Ballet danseres