Professional DANCE only Program

Full time Professional Dance only Program*

Specific professional dance program. This means that there is no academic program. Distance learning is possible.

Students from the age of 16 can sign in to take part in the specific professional dance program of the Royal Ballet school of Antwerp. When they graduate, they will receive a certificate of the specific professional dance program. 

It is recommended to have a certain level of English, Dutch or French when signing in. If not, it is possible to follow a language course in the school for basic Dutch and English. Students who are trying to achieve a degree by correspondence also get educational support from the school. 

Students between the age of 16 and 18 years old, who already have a degree of high school, can also register to the school. Students will then be placed according to the level of dance that will meet at their individual needs. Students will be accepted by audition only.  

Students can stay at a host family or a studio (16+). 

School Fee: 8500 euro. 

Curriculum: See attachment.