vb. 19/06/2019
vb. 19/06/2019

Tanzolymp Berlin 2019


Final Prix De Lausanne 2019!

Our students Achille De Groeve and Benjamin Davidoff made it into the finals of the Prix De Lausanne Ballet Competition 2019.

Standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival

Today standing ovation at the world's premiere of the movie GIRL at Festival de Cannes. A student of our 4th grade and main character of the movie Girl. (movie crew directed by Lukas dhont)

World Dance Fair competition.

Nadia Deferm, artistic director of the school, will participate as a jury member during the World Dance Fair competition.

BNG Bank Dansprijs 2017 uitgereikt

BNG Bank Dansprijs (€50.000,-) uitgereikt aan drie opkomende choreografietalenten Astrid Boons (ex-leerling), Sabine Molenaar en Ryan Djojokarso tijdens Festival de Nederlandse Dansdagen.

Movie Girl

This summer some of our students have participated to GIRL

Nieuwe leerkracht Nele Van Haeverbeke

Nieuwe leerkracht Kirsten De Smet

Nieuwe leerkracht Geneviève Van Quaquebeke

Nieuwe leerkracht Alain Honorez

Tanzolymp Berlin 2017

A review of the Tanzolymp Berlin competition of 2016.

Great commentary about our contestants in the Tanzolymp Berlin competition of 2016.
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