Year of completion

During this year of completion you will gain extra dancing tools. It is ment to be a 'seventh' or extra year of education for students with a classical dancing background but also for students with a contemporary dancing background. 

Because of the close coöperation with the Ballet of Flanders you can further develop yourself and gain on stage experience. It is an intensive year where no physical efforts are avoided. Guest teachers and choreographers will give workshops. By organizing workshops the students will stay updated with the recent developments within the dancing scène. 

Next to dancing courses there will also be room for the organizing aspects of performances: agreements with theatres, lighting, sound, decor, etc... 

After the year of completion you can start stronger in the cultural labor market and you will stand stronger in your search for work as a professional dancer.

  • The school organizes a test and you will be judged by a jury
  • This test will occur once and counts for the entire school year
  • Criteria during the test are your artistic and dance technical talents
  • With a negative evaluation, you have the right to resit once. In this case, a council of external experts will advice the jury.  



Do you feel that the step to a professional dance company comes too soon?

Do you want to fully complete your dance training?

Do you want to expand your stage and performance experiences?

Do you want to join a young, talented and motivated team of fellow dance students towards perfection?

Then send your DVD/video to us with or youtube (on the website - page auditions - document DVD-video requirements for more information)

For more information: