The Autonomous Municipal Company for City Education in Antwerp


The Autonomous Municipal Company  for City Education in Antwerp (AGSO – Autonoom Gemeentebedrijf Stedelijk Onderwijs in Antwerpen) is one of the largest educational providers in Flanders.  The City Education provides education to more than 57.000 pupils and students  (between 2,5 and 82 years old).  Every day, the City Education of Antwerp can count on more than 6.500 teachers, staff members (both subsidized by the Flemish Government and non-subsidized) 120 schools, academies and adult education centers, spread over 200 locations in the city of Antwerp.

Mission - Vision

The City Education of Antwerp offers fair development opportunities for each individual.  We provide the space and resources for students and learners to develop their talents and skills.  By doing so, they can grow into responsible global citizens who want to build the city of tomorrow.

Through innovative teaching in a warm environment, we want to motivate and inspire our students for life.

Mandate of AGSO

On the 26th of April 2010, the City of Antwerp and the Autonomous Municipal Company  for City Education concluded a management contract. This management contract describes the terms and conditions for the City Education to receive subsidies from the City Administration of Antwerp. 

The mandate of the City Education consists of:

  1. Organizing official subsidized education such as primary and secondary education, special education, part-time vocational education, adult education, part-time art education, and a center for pupil guidance. 
  2. Organizing official subsidized medical-educational institutes. 
  3. Organizing education in an efficient and effective way to:

• offer all learners in Antwerp fair development opportunities through the City Education of Antwerp. 
• offer all learners in Antwerp an optimal and uninterrupted school  career with a perspective on qualified schooling
• deliver a constructive and proactive contribution to the development of central education policy
• enter into a moral contract between all stakeholders to “make school together”


  • 6.500 staff
  • 57.000 learners
  • Yearly budget: 79 million Euro.  The main sources of funding are the Flemish Government and the City Of Antwerp. 

Market share

  • Primary education (36%): kindergarten and primary schools
  • Special education (47%): kindergarten, primary and secondary schools
  • Secondary education (20%): full-time and part-time secondary schools
  • Part-time art education (75%): the Academies of music-drama-dance and fine arts
  • Adult education (37%)